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Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries

June 28th, 2006

Mission Statement

The Federation of Consultants from Islamic Countries (FCIC) strives to be the premier platform for consultants and consulting firms from the Islamic countries to galvanize their efforts and channel their energies and creativity to help in the development of the Ummah.


Membership of the FCIC is currently grouped into 10 regions that reflect, as far as possible, the similarities or affinities of the respective OIC countries of that region.


Our activities include training, capacity building and enhancement of the code of conduct in consulting. Coordination between the consultants is a very important aspect of our operations.

Major seminars or symposiums are held at various locations throughout the Islamic world. This has the advantage of bringing together consultants and participants from various Islamic countries.

Strategic Alliances

We have strategic alliances with major organizations like the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and governmaental agencies in various Islamic countries that can help us in realizing our mission.

The Way Ahead

Bearing in mind the digital divide that is ushered in the new millenium by developments in incormation and communication technology (ICT), we must leverage our capabilities with ICT to deliver maximum impact. FCIC offers its platform to all consultants in member countries of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) to coordinate efforts among themselves for the development of the Ummah.

June 2016



FCIC is an affiliated Institution to the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference).
FCIC is sponsored by IDB (Islamic Development Bank.)
FCIC is the Observer of the Islamic Chamber for Commerce and Industry (ICCI)

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